Nature Needs Half – Protecting Land Channel


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The Fund for Sustainable Tomorrows is a proud sponsor of Nature Needs Half.

Join this global movement to protect and interconnect
half of all the planets ecosystems - land & water.
For the good of all life.


After depleting so much life from our oceans, the need to protect half is clear. There’s still time to save the blue heart of the planet.
Protecting Oceans
Beloved animals like wolves and elephants are in danger of disappearing forever. Unless we intervene, ⅔ of all species may be gone by century’s end.
Endangered Species
Ecologists agree that protected areas throughout the world are too small and isolated to save wildlife facing extinction. Restoring connectivity between remaining wild places is our last chance to save biodiversity.
The richness of the Earth’s flora and fauna inspire awe, even in the looming face of extinction. Half is the least we can do to preserve life.
Reflections on Nature
How can we end exploitation of our natural resources and destruction of precious ecosystems? Guidance lies in the traditions of native cultures.
Native Wisdom
Welcome to Nature Needs Half: A global movement to protect and interconnect half of all the planet’s ecosystems-land and water-for the good of all life.
What Does Nature Need